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Sent: 8/5/2009 

Subject: Tuesday Class


Renee & Alan,

I just wanted to send you guys an e-mail to thank you so much for all the good information and help that you’ve been giving Maddie and me. With Maddie’saggressive behavior prior to class, I was pretty fearful about bringing her into a crowd of people and other dogs, but have been so happy with the progress that we’ve made. We certainly have a good amount of practice and reinforcement to do, but at least you guys have helped me get past my fear and hopefully I’ll continue to help Maddie get past her fears so that she can become a happier, more social dog. We’re looking forward to next week’s agility equipment class, and you’ll likely see us in future classes, but Ijust wanted to be sure to pass this on to you now. What a pleasure it is and will be to have this improved relationship with little Miss Maddie.



Donna Hipkins


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