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Date: 4/12/2010


Community Spotlight:  "Article in the Lend A Heart Newsletter"


Albree Dog Training - Trainers: Alan and Renee Miller


We are pleased to have Albree Dog Training as our first business highlighted in our newsletter. Albree Dog Training has been serving the Sacramento area for the past 30 years. For many of these years, they have been very active in supporting our efforts by helping us recruit new members to Lend A Heart from their Beginning Group Classes, as well as providing Obedience Verification for perspective team members. We wanted to just give them a BIG THANK YOU for all their support with Lend A Heart!


Alan and Renee, our members are responding positively on your help and the guidance that you both offer to perspective members!


Take it easy,


Thank You, Valentine Garcia and Jordi (rough Collie)

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