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Alan and Renee,


I wanted to thank you for the outstanding instruction you provided for JR (and more importantly me). I now have much more confidence in taking JR out in public. I will continue to work on what we've learned.

Yesterday we had a stranger come to the house for an estimate on some work. My wife who hasn't had a chance to work w/JR (that is being rectified today), had him locked in the bedroom. I took out his CC and leash and escorted him to the back yard, where my wife and stranger were, and his behavior was great. The leash was tight at first but w/in a few minutes I was able let it swing freely. The difference was amazing.

We have a ways to go in our training, and we may not get to any obedience competitions, but I am confident there are many more outings in our future, now we won't have to leave him behind when we go camping.

Secondly, I had a question regarding the cookie type treat that JR's buddy Renee gave to him on the last evening of class. What was the treat (looked like a Quaker Oats bar)? What is the brand name? Where can they be purchased locally? They look a little healthier than the Kirkland Dog Biscuits my wife gives him.

Finally, I came to you on recommendation of the Golden Gate ESS Rescue, based in Oakland. Diane Tebault recommended your service. My next e-mail is to her to let her know what an outstanding recommendation she made.


Thanks for all your help and we'll see you for a visit when your classes move to Land Park.


PC Pete Di Loreto and JR

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