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Sent: 5/28/2010
Subject: Dog Competition Judging


Dear Alan & Renee,

I wanted to write you and THANK YOU for being such wonderful judges at the County Fair Dog Show today.

Justina & Rex are so proud. I was a bit apprehensive about letting Justina enter Rex in this competition, due to his lack of confidence, and overwhelming size (he can pull Justina to San Francisco in a heart beat!). We were also not able to join the 4H Dog Project due to conflicts, so she had no "official" training.

Justina wanted to do it anyways and prove that she and her dog could do it.  Thanks to your knowledge of Shepards and all their quirks, you have made this a wonderful experience for my daughter.

 Thank you!


 Heike Sharp (mama to Justina Sharp) and Rex



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