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Albree Dog Training has been serving the greater Sacramento area since 1982. Trainers Alan and Renee Miller get their greatest satisfaction from helping owners and their canine companions to understand each other by using effective communication techniques. Their training methods are both effective and humane and are based on "positive reinforcement". Your dog doesn't need to "be afraid of you" to be obedient. Training should be fun for both you and your dog.


Alan and Renee each have over 37 years experience in training obedience, search and rescue, therapy work, herding, Earthdog, Schutzhund, French Ring, aggression, and behavior problem solving. In addition, Renee Miller has 20 years of experience as a Veterinary Technician which aids her in identifying often overlooked medical problems which can be at the root of a behavior problem. Both Alan and Renee have earned numerous titles and awards with many different breeds of dogs in various structured events, the most common ones being sponsored by The American Kennel Club.


Every dog is unique so one method doesn't fit all. Each dog responds differently to different types of correction and what motivates one may not motivate another. Alan and Renee have studied with some of the Nation's top trainers and have a comprehensive knowledge of all breeds of dogs with regard to temperament, traits, and behaviors associated with those breeds, dog psychology and motivation, behavior modification, as well as experience with a wide variety of training techniques and philosophies. This knowledge has allowed them to perfect a unique approach to training that applies the most effective techniques for each individual dog and handler, producing optimum results. Many of their students participate in competition or have gone on to various other spectrums of the dog training world. 

"Thanks to your knowledge of Shepards and all their quirks, you have made this a wonderful experience for my daughter."

Heike & Justine Sharp

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"Thank you for your dedication and insight in the training of dogs with behavioral issues. Your services are invaluable and we truly appreciate all of your help!"   Kristina & Rob

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"We certified as a therapy team when Sophie was only 12 months old, largely because Renee and Alan knew my goals and supported me with special assistance when needed."   Jackie Gunby 

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“We have been more than pleased with the training and have recommended you to friends and family."  Laura

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“They have been very active in supporting our efforts by helping us recruit new members to Lend A Heart from their Beginning Group Classes, as well as providing Obedience Verification for perspective team members."

Article in the Lend A Heart Newsletter

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“With Maddie’s aggressive behavior prior to class, I was pretty fearful about bringing her into a crowd of people and other dogs, but have been so happy with the progress that we’ve made."   

Donna Hipkins

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“Thank you for the outstanding instruction you provided for JR (and more importantly me). I now have much more confidence in taking JR out in public.."
PC Pete Di Loreto

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